About Grass-fed Beef Cuts

Check out our tips for cooking and choosing cuts of grass-fed beef. Quitman Family Farms raises grass-fed beef for the East Texas area. We strive to raise grass-fed beef that is not too lean, but rather has good marbling and is easy to work with. These tips will help you to select cuts your family will enjoy and will aid you in cooking.

Filet: These usually come 2 to a pack and are the choicest steaks in a cow. They are best grilled rare to medium rare with sea salt and a touch of butter on top.

T-bone: This popular cut combines the Filet and Strip into one steak with a T-shaped bone. We recommend grilling it rare to medium rare.

Ribeye/Club Steak: A well-marbled, larger steak that is full of flavor–this is one of our favorites. We recommend grilling it rare to medium rare.

Sirloin Steak: Not quite as tender as ribeye, but extremely flavorful. This steak is great for stove-top searing for fajitas or rainy-day steak. Keep it rare to medium rare for tenderness. Often benefits from a marinade.

Skirt/Flank Steak: A lovely, quick-cookable steak that is useful for sandwiches or fajitas. This is one of our favorites. It sells fast!

Brisket: The rumor is that brisket is hard to keep tender, but we have never had a brisket turn out tough! So delicious in the crockpot and wonderful on hoagies!

Loin Tip Roast: This roast is one of the most tender, but can dry out easily and is best braised or roasted so that the interior stays rare. It is excellent for Beef Tips.

Chuck Roast: A classic roast that is fatty and often has a bone, both of which add superior flavor for one of the best cuts for stew you can get. Our favorite way to cook this is in a crock pot and to serve it with Yorkshire Pudding made from the rich drippings!

Arm Roast: This is similar to a chuck roast, but contains less gristle and a round bone instead of flat bones. Wet cooking methods are recommended, such as braising, crock pot, etc. We love it baked in a dutch oven for several hours until tender.

Beef Ribs: While ribs require lengthy cooking, they are delicious when barbecued or braised. We often cook them like a roast in the crock-pot.

Ground Beef: Need we explain? Well, we keep our mix slightly fattier in order to ensure quality, taste, and great texture. Since we do not grade the animals we process, the fat content varies based on the inherent fat content of the cow. Our ground beef typically ranges from 85/15 to 75/25, but it’s nothing like greasy grocery store beef. And yes, the fat is from our own animals, so you can be sure it’s clean and nutritious. This stuff’s so good, all you need in your burgers is salt!

Beef Pan Sausage: This is regular ground beef with added seasonings (no MSG or nitrates). Cook it in a skillet for a tasty breakfast or use it in soups, lasagna, or meatloaf.

Beef Organs: Heart, kidney, liver, tongue, oxtail. We don’t usually have many of these on hand, but they are highly nutritious and make cooking a truly gourmet experience!

Beef Fat/Bones: These are usually sold by the box, but call to check what we have if you are interested. Bones are great for making stock, and tallow is excellent for cooking, pan-seasoning, soap-making, etc.