Grass-fed Beef Recipes

Once you have tasted real grass-fed-and-finished beef, you will never be able to go back. Some people say grass-fed beef is tough, and that may be true of some operations, but here at Quitman Family Farms, we have never met a cut of grass-fed beef we didn't like. Our cows get exercise and are not artificially fattened, so their meat does have more texture. But it should never be tough if cooked properly, and it has more flavor, too! Here are some great Grass-fed Beef Recipes that we use at home with our own cuts. We encourage our customers to try our grass-fed beef with no canned or bagged sauces and seasonings. Try real salt, a few savory veggies and herbs, and proper cooking times. We promise that you'll love it!

About Grass-fed Beef Cuts